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Came Belgium to continue studying my master was a brave and right decision, and I immediately found my job in Partners Metal afterwards, working in the international background, facing all the different clients each day and challenging myself all the time. I love my job and am grateful to my boss Mr. Jimmy Beck who gives me more and more responsibilities since 2008 and still going on…


“Never too late to study”, I have a father who never told me this but showed me this as an example, who in his teacher’s career constantly learning new knowledges, one of the example was when he went back to university when he was in his 50’s sitting with all the 20’s to get the 2nd degree.


I guess it all makes sense now when 12 years ago I bought many books about hypnosis when I heard about it and since then hypnosis was always my passion. There was no sense of time when I read these books, yes now I know when you focus on reading is that you are in “hypnosis trance”.  Then came the moment I decided to learn hypnosis and immediately had the “click” feeling of Ines Simpson who is the creator of Simpson Protocol, that was the great fortune for me and I was committed and in the highest excitement since I started studying hypnosis seriously. I feel so blessed that I can squeeze every tiny time to study and practice all between my full time work at that time, with my family life etc. without feeling tired… I guess It’s like “LOVE”, you just know it is, without reason.


First started with having sessions in the evening after my kids fell asleep or in the weekends for the clients, with more and more trust from the clients in me and in Simpson Protocol, I felt joy and fulfillment every time after. I can answer now to that little kid Zhi: “Yes, you can feel others now because you choose to and your client choose to let you feel, you are all connected, your super conscious minds are all connected.”


Now, I am so happy to announce that as a certified hypnotist, Simpson protocol practitioner, every Friday is Hypnosis Session Day for my clients! What’s the best now in 2022, you can have your sessions online without leaving home, staying at your comfortable own place. So book and experience your change from one of coming Fridays! You deserve it.See you soon.

Hi, my name is Zhi Yang, here is a little story about me.


Since I was a kid, there was a voice always popped in my mind: “Why myself is me, I can feel myself, but not others?” Curiosity drove me to experience and open to possibilities always.

I firstly worked in Shanghai, China for 4 years after I graduated from university, I found communicating with all different clients interested me, by mostly on the phone of course back to the year early 2000’s.

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