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Zhi Hypnosis are offering the Hypnosis services to individuals or the company employees.


Using the Simpson Protocol Method, I will speak directly with your superconscious mind which knows the root cause of the issue whatever it is and knows what’s the best for you at this moment and what your desired outcome is. I am able to instruct it to release the problems or the habits in your subconscious mind which is not good or not necessary for your higher good and best interest. It’s in much deeper level than just treat the symptoms, it is a complementary process to assist you with your health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, although hypnosis itself is not a Medical procedure.


The advantage is you don’t need to share the issue with me if you wish. During the sessions, I will have no idea what is the cause, nor do I necessarily need to know. Your mind knows, and that’s most important.

What Simpson Protocol Method can help with Individuals:


• Sleep Improvement

• Holistic Weight and Health Management

• Anxiety, sadness, stress, fear, phobia etc release

• Moving Through the Grieving Process

• Coping with Migraines

• Fertility program

• Creating Personal Change Behaviors and habits

• Smoke free and health Management

• Holistic protocol for Physical Dis Orders  

Program for Children and Family bonding

Complete Holistic Sexual Program 

• past life and in between lives

• Progressions

• Spiritual Evolution


What Simpson Protocol Method can help with Company employees from all above and more:


• Increasing your intuition, creation, concentration in your work

• relationship support with your colleagues and employer

• Self-certainty, self-worth, self-value realization etc

• balance with your professional life and private life 

• SP self-hypnosis training

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