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My hypnosis and SP (Simpson Protocol)

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As you all know trees are great record keepers, tree rings tell us so much about the past: their age, the climate of their living years etc. Human being’s minds record all the information related to their life as well, whatever you remember or not.


Hypnosis is actually not that mystery as most people think, we are in hypnosis trance so many times in our daily life without noticing. When we are doing something without thinking, we are in the trance status.


As a hypnotist and SP practitioner, my job is make the trance deeper and longer enough so your mind can reach the  information you need, and your super conscious mind make the change in the optimum, beneficial and appropriate way.


I am just like a personal trainer to help you exercise – no matter how good the trainer is if you don’t do the exercises – nothing happens. Which means It’s always your choice to allow and accept my guild step by step, to allow yourself to do the internal work and create the change.



About Simpson Protocol (SP)

“The Simpson Protocol, a method of Hypnosis that allows the Hypnotists to communicate with a Client even when in deep states of Hypnosis – such as Esdaile and even Sichort.  For the first time, the hypnotist can converse with the client’s deepest mind to learn what the true issues are and to direct it to do what is needed to achieve the best results possible. ”

---- Ines Simpson

SP Philosophy:

  • Hypnotist doesn’t make any judgement

  • Hypnotist doesn’t need to know the story of the client unless the client want to tell.

  • The Super conscious mind of the client make the change for the client’s highest good and get your desired outcome.


Following video is from My mentor Ines Simpson talking about SP practitioner: 

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